In Picstraction's Online Mode, every time you do a combination, you receive an overall weekly rank amongst all players. Here is how that rank is calculated:

Every time you get a combination correct, you get a base 100 points.

Add the number of images in the combination * 10. i.e. 5 images * 10 = 50 more points

If there are 7 images, you get an extra bonus of 30 points (on top of the 70 you would receive because there are 7 images).

Subtract the number of seconds it took to do the combination.

So for example, if it took you 30 seconds to correctly guess a 5 image combination you would get:

100 + 50 - 30 = 120

Every time you guess a combination incorrectly, you lose 100 points, regardless if how long it took or how many images there were.

The score used to calculate rank is cumulative, it takes into account all your attempts since the beginning of the week.

So after your very first combination, you could be ranked higher than other people if they guess incorrectly more than correctly....they could have a negative overall score.

And that's it. We are always looking for the best way to rank so if you have any suggestions, feel free to use the 'Contact' link below and let us know.
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