Our first game is called Picstraction, and it is available for the iphone and ipad.

In Picstraction, several images are mixed together in a game screen, and you have to figure out which images are being represented. It can be hard because the mix of images is changing very fast.

There are 6 levels of difficulty to work your way through. Changing difficulty changes the number of images being mixed. You start with only 2 in the first level, and are up to 7 in the last level.

There is also online mode, which has the game downloading images from the internet. This feature was added to help keep the game fresh. Although it already has virtually unlimited re-playability with about 1 million available combinations in offline mode, we wanted to be able to add images behind the scenes without you having to update your app. We are adding new images to online mode all the time, so playing in this mode you will see new content on a regular basis.

Also with online mode, every time you finish a combination, you receive an up-to-date player rank. This allows you to compare your skills with others. See how you rank is calculated here. You may also submit ideas for images you would like to see in online mode here.

You can also purchase a Picstraction ring if you want, it comes in a variety of materials.
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