Our app BrowseMAX is available for the iphone and ipad. It is a web browser which has the following features and options:

- runs full screen, maximizing user experience
- set 'start page'
- can show or hide the status bar (shows current time, battery level, and wifi signal)
- can set it to delete all cookies when it starts (deleting anything from your last session)
- no visible history or bookmarks, which is useful if you want privacy
- great for kiosk mode
- run portrait or landscape
- enable/disable swipe gestures which simulate browser 'go back' and 'go forward' functionality
- go to a direct URL via the shake gesture (if enabled).
- Zoom in and out of webpages that allow it, via the pinch gesture (if enabled).
- enable/disable long press menu pop-ups on text and links

To change settings, go to you device Settings -> BrowseMAX....once you've made any changes, you will have to re-start BrowseMax if it has been opened. Do so by double-clicking the home screen, and swiping away BrowseMAX. Then re-start it.

Hope you enjoy, and email us to let us know how to improve it, extra features you want, etc.

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